Professional team of UAB META Engineering primary activities are for pipeline cleaning and emergency opening, cleaning of various tanks.

Pipeline cleaning:

Diameter for washable crash pipes is ranging from 32 mm to 2500 mm. independently from structure of the pipeline whether it would be reinforced concrete, ceramic, PVC or metal. Cleaning and preparation the technological and newly laid rain and sewage pipes networks’ for TV diagnostics. We also perform hydraulic tests.

Cleaning of tanks:

Oil, sand traps cleaning, absorption and coalescence filter change, waste delivery to disposal location. Cleaning of reservoirs and various tanks, preparation for inspection work. Sewage disposal, cleaning of pumping stations, wells of drinking water.

To perform these activities we use:

  • cleaning machine with high-pressure washing and vacuum cleaners;

  • High-pressure hoses, which can even reach 120 meters distance;

  • Special rotary washing heads, for removing dirt;

  • Professional team;

  • Vacuum suction hoses that are open to the suction distance of 100 meters, suction depth up to 20 meters;

  • We can carry out washing and cleaning up to -20 C˚.